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darker_spuffy's Journal

The Darker Side of Spike/Buffy
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the community
Welcome to darker_spuffy which is another version of the dark theme of communities. The idea was taken from darker_spike.

This is a community to explore the darker side of the relationship of Spike and Buffy, the things that you are not sure that you want to put up in your own journal just in case someone you know pops in. We accept both fiction and artwork, slash and het, any rating, as long as it has something to do with Spike and Buffy. After all, it is about them two. BUT if there is a post dedicated to just spike, post it in darker_spike or if it is just Buffy, post it in a_darker_buffy.

your maintainers,
liliaeth and engravedheart

the rules
-Make ALL posts friends only
-Be respectful of each other.
-Do not bash someone's work no matter how ugly it MAY be.
-When Posting fanfic longer than a paragraph, put it under a cut.
-Label Fanfic as the title of the Fanfic. Same thing with Artwork.
-No porn with little children. that's NOT acceptable
-Artwork or fanfic or anything that at least includes spuffy is allowed. what do we mean? we mean things like xander/buffy/spike is allowed or angel/buffy/spike, etc.

If any of you break these rules, you will first get a warning but do it again and you will be banned.

comment here to be affiliated or if you have any questions/concerns.