CONTEST: Featured Video of the Month - The Darker Side of Spike/Buffy
CONTEST: Featured Video of the Month
Hey All-

Not too long ago I started a Featured Video of the Month Contest on my website. Just send in a video that you created and the first place winner will get their video imeded on my website and the two runners up with get the link to their video posted on the site. I accept ALL Shows and ALL Pairings! Check out my site and see the latest video to see what it would look like if your video was picked. 

Please email all videos to with the subject "Featured Video" I will pick the video for July on June 30th. The New video will be postedon June 30th at Midnight (Technically July 1st LoL) I'm also accepting story requests and poll questions. I feature a new poll every week. If you'd like to have one of your questions used just email it to me with the subject "Poll Question" Thanks for listening to me ramble on...

I hope to see some of you participating! Enjoy the beautiful day out!!!



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